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Norbert Fimpel & Tolo Servera

Norbert Fimpel & Tolo Servera

Das neue Projekt von Norbert Fimpel, der Saxophonist von Joe Cocker und Roger Hodgson

“N & T”

Norbert Fimpel Saxes & chromatic harmonica

He played with Alejandro Lerner (10 years), Air Supply and Patricia Sosa in Argentina and South America.

With Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) on his South American tour (1998) and European tour (2000).

He moves from Argentina to Mallorca (Spain) in April 2002.

In 2004 he is part of “Night Of The Proms” (, playing 50 concerts (in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany) with James Brown, Joe Cocker, Cindy Lauper, Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) and John Miles.
In April 2005 he becomes a member of the Joe Cocker band, playing over 500 concerts in 4 world tours with Joe Cocker.

“Heart & Soul” 2005 – 06
“Hymn for my soul” 2007 – 08 – 09
“Hard Knocks” 2010 – 11 – 12
“Fire it up” 2013

Tolo Servera Guitar, percussion & voice

He has worked as a session musician, producer, arranger, composer and sound engineer with the likes of Buika, Molly Duncan (Average White Band), Michelle McCain, Antonio Vega, Nuria Fergó, and AURYN, among many other artists of the Spanish musical scene.

He is the owner of MOTIVITY MUSIC, a recording studio in Mallorca, where he writes and produces songs for all kind of artists.

Common project

Tolo and Norbert met in 2012.
In the Winter of 2014/15 they joined forces to record their first CD
“Ours & Theirs”, which includes 8 original songs and 7 covers of rock & pop classics.

Their mail goal was to achieve a fresh and warm sound, using the sax, harmonica, voice and guitar, the latter played in the traditional way and as a percussion instrument.

Songs included in “Ours & Theirs”

I’ll be home soon (N. Fimpel)
We can fall (T. Servera – T. Noguera)
Disco hunt (T. Servera)
Only love matters (T. Servera)
She said (T. Servera)
Taken (T. Servera)
Hey hey (T. Servera)
A lifetime together (N. Fimpel)

Beat it (M. Jackson)
Can’t stand losing you (Sting)
Money for nothing (M. Knopfler)
Englishman in N.Y. (Sting)
Hold the line (D. Paich)
Unchain my heart (B. Sharp)
Is this love (B. Marley)

In February 2018 they presented their second studio work, “2”.

This new CD “2” (Blau/Discmedi) has been produced at MOTIVITY STUDIOS in Palma de Mallorca, and has been directed by Tolo Servera.
Same concept as “Ours & Theirs”, alternating own compositions with well known pop & rock songs.
Instruments used on “2”:

Tenor and soprano saxes, chromatic harmonica Norbert Fimpel
Acoustic guitars, percussion, voice and backing vocals Tolo Servera

Songs included in “2”

Like the air (N. Fimpel)
Don’t wanna miss a thing (T. Servera)
Run away (T. Servera)
I’m with you (T. Servera)
It’s too late (T. Servera)
Forever (T. Servera)
Make my day (T. Servera)

Still haven’t found what I’m looking for (U2)
Wonderwall (Oasis)
Sweet dreams (Eurythmics)
Pick up the pieces (Average White Band)
This love (Maroon 5)
Wrapped around your finger (The Police)
Purple rain (Prince)

There are 3 featured guests on this project:


Singer of the band The Syndicate among other projects, hers is the featured voice on Norbert Fimpel’s “Like the air”.


Italian composer and trumpet player who lives in Milan, member (among others) of the Pepe Ragonese Trio and Palma Funk Project, plays trumpet on Tolo Servera’s “Forever”.


Original member of Average White Band, session and touring musician for Eurythmics, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Chaka Khan, Incognito and Tom Petty among many others, plays tenor sax on “Pick Up The Pieces”, song he co-wrote with other AWB members.


Songs played on their shows (in addition to those on “Ours & Theirs” and “2”)

Another day in paradise (P. Collins) – Before you accuse me (E. Clapton) –
Eye in the sky (A. Parsons) – Heaven (B. Adams) – With or without you (U2) – Romeo & Juliet (D. Straits) – Don’t know why (Norah Jones) – Every breath you take (The Police) – Roxanne (The Police) – Sunday morning (Maroon 5) – Feel (R. Williams) – Still got the blues (G. Moore) – Superstition (S. Wonder) – We will rock you (Queen) – The wall (Pink Floyd) – Change the world (E. Clapton) – Wonderful tonight (E. Clapton) – In the air tonight (P. Collins), among many others.



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